Friday I went to Quality Coach Van Sales and Service in Norton to have proper adjustments made to my wheelchair tiedowns and occupant restraints (WTORS) in my community home’s new conversion van. My community home purchases most of their wheelchair accessible vans from Quality Van Sales which has always provided excellent service performed by trained technicians. You can read more about the great customer service they’ve provided us in the past by clicking on my 2009 Five Star review Quality Van Sales and Service.

We needed a new van because our old 2006 Dodge Caravan conversion van had no AC/Heat vents or windows that opened in the middle or rear of the van where I’m seated. Due to respiratory issues I need proper air circulation when traveling in my van and my community home always provides me the best medical options. My mom and dad kindly let my community home use our families’ personal conversion van since May until our new home van was ordered and delivered. Our new 2010 Dodge Caravan conversion van finally arrived and it has a total of 6 AC/Heat vents and middle and rear windows that open just like my families’ van. I love it!

Upon arriving we were warmly greeted by Glenn Mattos, Service Manager. Glenn is very kind, knowledgeable and well trained on proper placement, inspection and maintenance of the WTORS equipment which is critical for safe transportation for people traveling seated in wheelchairs. We consider W/C Passenger Safety to be priority, especially after I was seriously injured in an auto accident in May of 2008; when both my wheelchair and van seatbelt let go and I went flying out of my chair.

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After my accident and discovering there is no law in the State of Massachusetts regarding the transportation safety of wheelchair-seated passengers traveling in paratransit services, my State Representative Canessa and State Senator Pacheco filed House 3785 and Senate 1948: “An Act Relative to the Transportation of Individuals Seated in Wheelchairs”. Only 5 states in our country have such a law which you can read all about by clicking on ‘Bus seat belt laws mostly exclude wheelchairs’ By John Seewer / Associated Press / May 10, 2010.

Our new 2010 Dodge Caravan Van is equipped with Sure-Lok WTORS which is one of the best manufacturers. The conversion by Liberty Motor Co is barrier-free consisting of a rear-entry ramp, lowered floor modification and a rubberized floor which allows for an easier wheel and an easier clean.

Quality Van provides a great product and excellent service by trained technicians who are knowledgeable about the safety of traveling in a wheelchair.

Quality Van Sales and Service deserve FIVE STARS for providing safe and accessible vehicles and service to persons with physical disabilities.