All my doctors are at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). I’ve written reviews of all the buildings at BIDMC which you can find by clicking on my category Hospital. Every 4-6 months I travel to the Epilepsy Center, located in the Baker Building at BIDMC to see my long time neurologist Dr. Donald L. Schomer. I was here yesterday and decided it was time to do a wheelchair accessibility review of the Baker Building.

Parking is very convenient for there is a parking garage located across the street with many handicap parking spaces or Valet Parking is available at the Clinical Center right across from Baker Building.

In order to access the Baker Building you will need to first enter the Farr Building which is adjacent to the Baker Building because Baker’s main entry doors have been closed for years. There is a sky walk located on the third floor of the Clinical Center that will take you to the Farr and Baker Buildings.

Outside there are two double entry doors at the Farr Entrance and both are automatic so you will have no problem getting into this building. Once inside Farr you will find yourself in a spacious lobby. A receptionist is located at a desk to the right and she will stamp your parking ticket so you can get a discount.

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To the left of the lobby is a hallway clearly marked Baker. Here you can take the Baker Elevator up to any floor in the Baker Building. The Epilepsy Center is located on the fifth floor. It is spacious with plenty of room to maneuver my wheelchair around. The restrooms are also large and meet all the ADA requirements.

I always see Dr. Schomer, the Medical Director of the Epilepsy Center in his office and look forward to all my visits with him for he is very smart, kind and compassionate. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy soon after my cerebral hemorrhage and have seen Dr. Schomer for many years and I believe it is because of his excellent care that I have done so well. He has always treated me with respect and dignity and I consider him my friend. I think he is the BEST DOCTOR in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Mary, his receptionist is sweet and kind as well.

I give Baker Building at Beth Israel Deasoness Medical Center FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. I also give Dr. Donald Schomer FIVE STARS for his dedication and compassion to helping me and persons with Epilepsy. Mary deserves FIVE STARS too for she is especially sensitive and kind!