Jamie, Mom, and Jamie’s Crew visited the Gleason Family YMCA in Wareham, M.A. The facility has a couple parking spaces for handicap individuals. The accessible ramps are not necessary because the YMCA is built on a flat level service with a concrete sidewalk entrance. The two spacious entry doors are automatic and have a visible handicap sticker in the front of it.

Our mission today was to get Jamie and his Crew a trial membership for a year. The receptionist at the front desk was new and little confused on how to process a new membership. After we received our key, Jamie and the Crew went to investigate the property to see how wheelchair accessible it was. There was a handicap door that had to be buzzed in before we could enter the locker room area.

The changing room area was dirty with people’s under garments everywhere! The bathrooms were wheelchair accessible with plenty of room and grab bars. The sink was wheelchair accessible, however, underneath had exposed pipes that were uncovered.

Also, there was a group of children that were given handicap bathroom which was difficult getting Jamie out leaving the bathroom. The staff were very pleasant and attentive at the YMCA.

However, the overall experience of the YMCA can only receive FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. The way they could have earned one more Star was if the bathroom had not been used as a daycare instead of a changing room for handicap individuals. They also need to cover the exposed pipes under the accessible sinks which is an ADA requirement.

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