With summer gone and the cold winter approaching I decided to head to Hot Bodeez to feel some warm (artificial) sun and tan. I’ve been to other tanning salons in the past that are not at all wheelchair accessible but I was very pleased to see that Hot Bodeez is very wheelchair accessible.

Parking is no problem for there are handicap parking places conveniently located right in from of the wheelchair access to the sidewalk. Tony held the entry door open for Ric and me because it is not automatic but it is wide enough to fit my wheelchair through.

Once we entered we were very impressed by the Futuristic Design of Bodeez. It’s a state of the art tanning salon with all the latest technology. The waiting area is very spacious with plenty of room to manuever my wheelchair around. We were warmly greeted by Ashley, an employee and she kindly offered to take my friends and me on a tour of the Hot Bodeez tanning salon.

Ashley showed us two kinds of tanning beds. The first is a Level 1 bed and this one is for beginners. The Level 1 tanning bed is not very wheelchair accessible for it dips in the middle and would make transferring difficult. But the Level 2 tanning bed is wheelchair accessible and best one for physically chalenged persons like me. This bed is the most comfortable and best for positioning and transferring. It is airconditioned with a control for the fan and the radio.

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My friends and I inqured about the price for tanning and Ashely told us that it depends on what package and amount of visits you choose to purchase. You can use your package/visits at any of the other Hot Bodeez tanning salons. Just click on the website above to see the plans they offer and the locattions of other Hot Bodeez.

I purchased a single session at a discount and got a small packet of coconut scented hydrating body cream. Hydrarion for your skin is very important to use before and after tanning. I also got a pair of disposable Wink-Ease eye protectors for my eyes because it is very important to protct your eyes when you tan indoors. Tony and Ric, my friends had no problem helping me stand-pivot to transfer into the Level 2 bed. I found it very easy to get comfortable in this tanning bed and really enjoyed the music while I tanned for the seven minutes I was in here today. While tanning I dreamed of myself being on a beach in Hawaii with the smell of coconut!

The restroom is a unisex restroom that is fully wheelchair accessible. It’s spacious with penty of room to manuver my wheelchair. The toilet and safety grab bars are all a prefect height as well as is the accessible sink. The pipes underneath the accessibke sink are covered as is ADA required and I had no problem reaching for the soap or towels.

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I give Hot Bodeez FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. To earn the Fifth Star they would simply need to install an automatic entry door. I give Ashley Five Stars for sensitivity and kindness. I will definitely come back one cold and dreay winter day!