Last night my friends and I heard a loud spinning noise coming from our washing machine so we went to look and wow what a flood we had on the floor! My washing machine broke so we called the repairman right away but he can’t come to fix it until Monday. This morning we traveled to Mayflower Laundry which is the closest Laundromat to my home. With us we brought bags of dirty clothes that needed washing.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located right in front of the wheelchair access to the sidewalk. My friends had to hold the door open for me because it is not automatic but plenty wide enough to fit my wheelchair with ease. Once inside we were warmly greeted by Linda, a friendly and helpful employee. Linda showed us the washing machines and they are very big for they can fit up to 70 pounds of clothes at one time. They even looked big enough for me to fit inside!

I was so pleased to see that this Laundromat is very wheelchair accessible. The folding tables are of a perfect height for me to sit in my wheelchair while folding clothes. The basket to place laundry in has wheels and is also of a perfect height for persons in wheelchairs reach and easy to push. All the washing machines and dryers are of a perfect height for my wheelchair.

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Restrooms are located in the rear. There are two very spacious unisex restrooms and both are fully wheelchair accessible. The safety bars located on the side and back of the toilet are a perfect height to reach. I had no problem washing my hands because the accessible sink is of a perfect height and I could reach the soap and towel dispenser. The only problem I found is that the pipes under the accessible sink are not covered as is now ADA required.

Mayflower Laundry offers ‘Wash and Fold’ service for.90 cents per pound with a 12 pound minimum. My friends and I loaded the washing machine and asked for the ‘Wash and Fold’ service because I had an appointment and we couldn’t stay long enough to do it all ourselves. Later in the day, we picked up quite a few bags of clean and neatly folded laundry so we have no laundry to do for the rest of the day!! I highly recommend this Laundromat for it is fully wheelchair accessible with friendly service at a reasonable price and Linda was wonderful and very helpful.

I give the Mayflower Laundry FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would simply need to install an automatic entry door and place protective covering around the pipes under the accessible sink in the restroom.

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