Before leaving Mashpee Commons North Market Street shopping area, my Aunt Nancy, Jowanna, Tony and I stopped at Liberty Liquors to buy a bottle of wine for friends I invited to my home for dinner. I found Liberty Liquors is only partially wheelchair accessible due to narrow aisles and stored boxes blocking my access to some of the merchandise.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces up front and close to the entrance of Liberty Liquors in the shopping center parking lot. All handicap spaces are clearly marked and ADA compliant. The wheelchair access to the sidewalk is conveniently close to the entrance of Liberty Liquors.

Entering is easy for the entry door is automatic and opens as soon as you approach. I found most of the middle aisles are too narrow to fit my wheelchair; even if the aisles were wider, boxes being stored at the ends of the aisles block wheelchair access.

The outer aisles are accessible for they are wider; yet boxes of stored liquor are cluttered throughout the store blocking access to some merchandise. The cashiers counter of a good accessible height; the employees are friendly and helpful.

After purchasing a bottle of wine, I found it very difficult to exit this store; the exit door is automatic yet wheelchair access is blocked due to stored boxes and items; my friends and I had to go back around and exit through the entry door.

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I give Liberty Liquors THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would simply need to remove all stored boxes that block wheelchair access to merchandise; widen the middle aisles; and ensure access to exit door is always clear and open.