=Sunday, my Aunt Nancy, Kate, Josh and I traveled to Plymouth. My aunt treated us to lunch at the new Bertucci’s, located at Colony Place and we were pleased to find it very wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces, located up front and close to wheelchair access of the sidewalk and the main entry door. The entry door is not automatic, but is plenty wide enough to fit my wheelchair through. A very nice hostess came to open the door for me as soon as she saw me approach in my wheelchair:>)

Once inside, I was pleased to see this Bertucci’s is very open and spacious with plenty of room for me to wheel my chair throughout. The seating consists of a bar that is not wheelchair accessible for it is too high; booths that are not very accessible, as most booths are not; and plenty of tables that are all wheelchair accessible. The tables have plenty of space in between so it is easy for me to access all the tables; the tables are of a perfect wheelchair accessible height which allowed me to fit my wheelchair underneath so I could comfortably enjoy my meal.

Our waitress was wonderful; she was kind, courteous, respectful and spoke directly to me. We all enjoyed our meals in the nice dining atmosphere. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are large.

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The Men’s and Women’s restrooms are fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The handicap stall is large with plenty of room for my wheelchair; the toilet is of a perfect height; the safety grabs bars, located on the rear and side wall of the toilet are of a perfect height; the accessible sink is of a good height; the pipes underneath the sink are covered as is now ADA required; and I could easily reach the faucet, and soap and towel dispenser.

I give Bertucci’s at Colony Place FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They can earn the Fifth Star if they install an automatic entry door and lower a small section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height.