My friends Josh, Amanda and I traveled to Showcase Cinemas in Seekonk to see the newly released movie, Coraline. I was very pleased to find this Cinema is fully wheelchair accessible with no obstalces or barriers to face. There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located right in front of the building. Entry is easy for there are two automatic doors; one on each side of both entrances.

After entering, I was pleased to see the lobby is very large and spacious with plenty of room for me to wheel about in my Permobil Power Chair. There are two fast service lines to purchase your movie ticket. The customer service window where you purchase your ticket is of a good wheelchair accessible height and I had no problems purchasing my ticket to see Coraline, an animated 3-D movie. The person who sold me the ticket was very courteous, kind and respectful. I even got a disability discount so the cost of my ticket was less. The cost of a ticket to see a 3-D movie is $14.00 which is more expensive than a regular movie ticket; my discounted ticket cost $10.50 which saved me some money for the week.

The theater is very large and has wheelchair accessible seating with a large space for my wheelchair and seats next to me for my companions. Amanda and Josh told me that they thought the 3-D experience was awesome and they were able to see all the characters really close up. I am legally blind and very visually impaired. I was able to see the characters a little more close up but the 3-D glasses did nothing to make anything clearer for me. I did tolerate these 3-D glasses and wore them during the entire movie, which I could never do with the old 3-D glasses, which had one lens blue and the other red. These new glasses look like sunglasses and have a clearer lens; they are called the Real-D.

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The snack bar is fully wheelchair accessible; the customer service counter is of a good height for my wheelchair; I ordered and paid for my drink and snack with no problem; and the tables located by the snack bar are of a perfect wheelchair accessible height.

The Men’s and Women’s restroom in this theatre are spacious, fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The handicap stall is large; the safety grab bars are located at a perfect height by the toilet; the accessible sink is of a perfect height with the pipes underneath covered; the automatic soap and towel dispenser are in my reach.

I give Showcase Cinemas in Seekonk FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. I really enjoyed my Saturday night out at the movies:>)