Recently, my Aunt Nancy treated my friends and me to lunch at Bugaboo Creek in Plymouth. Bugaboo Creek is a Steak House, decorated as a hunting lodge. It is wheelchair accessible with a few minor obstacles, which could easily be corrected.

There are many handicap parking spaces located at the front of the building; more than I have ever seen at any restaurant. My friend, Justin and I saw a Moose lurking off to the side; this moose let us take a picture with him. We later discovered that this moose is the famous “Moxie” the moose.

There are no automatic entry doors; you will need help with opening two entry doors; the first one leads into a spacious foyer and the second leads into the restaurant. Both doorways are wide enough to fit my chair through with ease.

Once inside, we were warmly greeted by a very nice hostess; she led us to our seats, which were located in the main dining area. This main dining room is spacious with plenty of room for me to wheel between all the tables; it is decorated as the beautiful American wilderness.

All the tables are of a perfect height for my wheelchair. The lighting is a little too dark for me to see the menu; I am legally blind so it may be ok for others. There are many coat hooks in every section, but none are reachable from my wheelchair. The service, food and atmosphere was fantastic.

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After lunch, my friends and I went into the bar/lounge section of the restaurant to see if it is accessible. I was disappointed that it is not wheelchair accessible; there is no place for a person in a wheelchair to sit, due to the bar being too high and there only being tall bar style tables with tall stools. It looked like a nice area to mingle and socialize with friends, but I would not be able to sit in this area.

The restrooms are easy to access, spacious, wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant; except the pipes under the accessible sink do not have the ADA required protective covering and a barrel placed under the accessible sink prevented me from accessing the sink. My friends removed the barrel so I could wash my hands.

I give Bugaboo Creek THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars, they would need to install automatic entry doors, so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently; provide a wheelchair accessible table in the lounge; lower a few of the coat hooks to an accessible height; slightly brighten up the lighting in the dining area; and remove the barrel from under the accessible sink in the restroom, so person in a wheelchair can access the sink.

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