After my appointment at Healthtrax Fitness Center on Tuesday, my friends and I stopped at Nick’s Pizza in Westport for a bite to eat. I was very pleased to find Nick’s Pizza is fully wheelchair accessible.

Nick’s is located in a shopping plaza on State Road. There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located up front and close to the wheelchair accessible ramp; this ramp leads to the main sidewalk of the plaza; the ramp has a gradual slope which made it easy for Tony to push my manual chair. I was in my manual chair for that is the one I take to the gym.

Once we were on the main sidewalk, we traveled up another ramp to get to the entry door of Nick’s Pizza. Nick’s Pizza installed this wheelchair accessible ramp so their place would be accessible to all:>) The entry door is not automatic but plenty wide enough for my wheelchair to fit through with ease.

The Customer Service Counter where you place and pay for your food order is of a perfect height for my wheelchair so I had no problems at all.

The dining area has plenty of booths and accessible tables. Most booths I’ve sat at are not wheelchair accessible, but the booths at Nick’s are very accessible and comfortable for me to sit at and eat:>) These booths are great because of their design; they are open on both sides and are free and clear underneath with no pole, blocking access; so my wheelchair fit perfectly and my friends sat inside right next to me. The aisles are nice and wide and I was not sticking out into the aisle so I did not block access to any customers. Usually when I sit at a booth, my wheelchair sticks out into the aisle and I block access to others. I wish all booths were like the ones at Nick’s Pizza. It’s all done perfectly and any wheelchair will be very comfortable here.

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The Men’s and Women’s restroom are fully wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. They are spacious; the safety grab bars, located on the back and side wall of the toilet are of a perfect height; the accessible sink of also of a great height and the pipes underneath are covered; I could easily reach the faucet, soap and towel dispenser.

The employees at Nick’s Pizza are all very friendly and the food was FANTASTIC!

I give Nick’s FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They can earn the Fifth Star by installing an automatic entry door so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently.