While shopping at Colony Place in Plymouth, my mom, Ric, Tony and I had lunch at Olive Garden a very wheelchair friendly and accessible Italian restaurant. Olive Garden hours are posted right on the front of the building: Sun – Thurs 11 am – 10 pm; Fri & Sat 11 am – 11 pm.

There are six handicap parking spaces located right in front of wheelchair access to sidewalk. Takeout parking spaces are conveniently located up front too. The cement walkway leading to the front entrance is wide and spacious. The two sets of double entry doors are not automatic. Tony held both sets of double doors open while Ric pushed my manual chair inside.

Once inside, I found it spacious and wheelchair friendly. I was especially pleased to see the takeout counter located in front of the entry doors has a side section in which the counter is lower and of a perfect wheelchair accessible height.

A hostess kindly greeted us and took us to our table. The dining room has some inaccessible booths set on the side yet there are plenty of accessible tables which are of a perfect wheelchair accessible height. There is plenty of space set between the tables for other customers in wheelchairs to get by. A customer in a wheelchair was seated right behind us and there was plenty of space for all of us.

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Once seated at our table we were warmly greeted by Minx our very kind and friendly waitress. Minx told us all about the lunch specials and we all ordered a healthy soup and salad lunch special because we’re all watching our weight:-) Our lunch was delicious and the service was great.

The lounge/bar has some inaccessible booths and only one wheelchair accessible table. The bar is too tall for me to reach in my manual chair. The large flat screen TV above the bar is easy to view from all tables in the lounge.

The restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The faucet, soap and paper towels are easily within my reach.

This Olive Garden earns FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install automatic entry doors so a customer in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently; and lower a section of the bar to an accessible height so a customer in a wheelchair can sit and enjoy a drink or meal at the bar. Minx our waitress deserves FIVE STARS for her kindness, sensitivity and hospitality!