Reedy’s Archery, located right in downtown Middleboro is a place you’ll want to visit if you like hunting and archery. I’ve been going there for many years to practice archery. There are a few handicap parking spots right in front of Reedy’s and a crosswalk that has wheelchair access to the sidewalk. The main entry doors do not have automatic door openers, yet they were open today because of the warm weather so it was very easy access to enter.

Once inside Kevin, Joel and I were greeted by Dave and we told him that we were there for the archery so we headed to that part of the store. It was the first time I met Dave and he was really nice. The people at Reedy’s have always been very helpful, considerate, patient and kind to me. There are two sections of Reedy’s, one section is for shopping for hunting equipment and the other section is for practicing archery. The aisles are very narrow and hard to maneuver my wheelchair around in the shopping section, but the section to practice archery in is very spacious and has a lot of room for me to maneuver my chair.

Dave was really nice and spent much time with us. He instructed us on how to safely use the bow and arrow. I’ve heard all the safety precautions before but it was the first time that Kevin and Joel tried archery. There are paper targets on the back wall which is where we aimed at. Dave got me a smaller bow and arrow which was easier for me to use. Kevin, Joel and I all practiced to better our skills. I was especially proud that I was able to hit the target.

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I give Reedy’s THREE STARS for accessibility. They could earn the other Two Stars if they installed automatic doors and widened the aisles in the shopping section. I give Dave and all the other staff I’ve met at Reedy’s FIVE STARS for always being so helpful and kind.