This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Red Sox vs Yankees game at Fenway Park, thanks to Community Systems Incorporated (CSI) for giving me their wheelchair accessible seats for this game. It was a great experience for me since this was the first time I attended a game at Fenway since I became disabled.

I was in my glory when I saw the stadium and all the commotion from the people outside . We Bostonians sure can get a little rowdy over a game with the Yankees and I loved the experience! When we first entered the stadium the Fenway staff were very accommodating, making sure we got up to the head of the line to scan our tickets as they opened up a gate for us to get in. There were lots of things for us to do from taking professional pictures to eating lots of varieties of foods.

I thought that I would have to overcome some obstacles when it came to accessibility since the Fenway was historical and old. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t believe how accessible the stadium was. The only obstacle I encountered was going from the concourse into the stadium seating where I encountered a steep incline on the ramp. I was Ok going up, but it was almost impossible going down it in a forward direction.

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Tony and Kevin, my friends/staff said the only way to go down it was for me to go backwards being it would be the safest way to go. The rest room is spacious, wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The wheelchair accessible seating was the greatest, especially if you are visually impaired like I am and need to be up close.

The day started off with bad news because the weatherman forecasted rain. As the game started the weather was in our favor and the sun was shining. Yet by the 8th inning we had torrential rains postponing the game for more than two hours until the rain stopped. That is New England weather for you!! Nevertheless, we had a great memorable evening and headed home.

The Red Sox won the game! I love both the Red Sox and the Yankees!! I was born in New Jersey and then moved to Massachusetts and then back to New Jersey and then back to MA. I attended elementry school both in MA and in NJ and learned to love the Yankees and the Red Sox both! This is why you see me with a Yankees tee shirt and a Red Sox Hat on at the game! I would have been happy if either team won.

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Fenway Park gets FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star, they would make lessen the slope of the aisle to the wheelchair accessible seats. I also want to give Community Systems Incorporated (CSI) FIVE STARS for providing me with the wonderful opportunity to go back to Fenway and see the Red Sox play the Yankees!