Plymouth Library is a great place to come and bury yourself in a mysterious novel, go online with your lab top, get discount tickets to museums, trace your ancestors and much, much more. I discovered the Plymouth Library approximately 7 years ago. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon, the Senior Service Librarian. She has taught me how to use a program so that I may hear what is on the screen, information off the internet and any book, magazine that I wish to know about called the Kursweil 1000/3000. I can also magnify the screen with a program called Magic which is used for the visually impaired. I have used equipment like an enlarged keyboard and a trackball mouse that helps me when I write my reports. Sharon has been very helpful to me and helps me reach out for information from the world. She has helped to teach me how to look up activities, accommodations, transportation, and so on, that I can plan my vacations. With her help I have accomplished so much and have overcome so many obstacles. I have even learned some fun facts which can become very humorous.

I am found on the Plymouth Library flyer that advertises services for people with disabilities. The Library itself has handicap parking, automatic doors when you first enter, elevators that go up to the second level, wheelchair accessible aisles and a wheelchair for in-library use. It is spacious with the aisles wider than most other Libraries. If you have trouble reaching for a book, a staff may assist or you can ask for a grabber (as see here in photo). They have book stands and magnifiers that you lay over a book to enlarge the text. Take advantage of there new self-checkout stations, they’re awesome. For the hearing impaired they have TTY communications, close caption videos and amplification systems.

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Plymouth Library is dedicated to providing the best possible access to programs and services as possible to everyone, regardless disability and they are always willing to adapt and improve.

I give the Plymouth Library FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility and for accommodating the needs of the disabled. Sharon also gets FIVE STARS for always being there for me and helping me achieve a higher academic standard. Thanks for all you do!