There are beautiful Hallamore Clydesdale Horses living right down the street from my home in the stables at Barry’s in Lakeville, Massachusetts. Barry’s is open to the public everyday from 9am to 3pm. It’s a great place to visit and see the horses and it’s ’FREE’. Barry, the owner and all the employees are very nice and answers any questions you have about the horses.

The best time to see the horses grazing outside is before 2 PM for they go in their stalls at 2. The grounds are beautiful and even have a nice gazebo that is very accessible to get to.

These beautiful Clydesdale Horses came from Scotland and England and they are very big. They weigh up to 2500 lbs. and are about six feet tall at the shoulder. Their feet are all white with white feathers that some call stockings. We were told that the horses eat a real lot too. Together they eat about 200 quarts of grain and six bales of hay a day!

The Clydesdale Horses are very big and known for their large size and strength but they are really very gentle and sweet. We were told that some call them “Gentle Giants”. They used to be used mainly for pulling heavy loads in the old days but now you may often see them in parades, like the Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and the Falmouth Christmas parade pulling a beautiful wagon that was made by the old Studebaker Company over 100 years ago.

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The Clydesdale Horses are all very large and weigh a lot. Then there is small little Belle, a miniature horse who lives here as well. Belle is my favorite; she weighs 230 lbs and was born in Lancaster, MA in 1995.

You’ll also get to meet Harley, an English bulldog; Minute and Shamus, two beautiful Golden Retrievers; a friendly cat named Morris; and a German Shepherd. They are all very loving, gentle and kind.

I highly recommend you take a drive to Barry’s and see these beautiful Clydesdale Horses. Barry and the staff are very friendly and it is a very accessible place. If you get there after 2 PM, don’t worry, you will still get to see the horses in their stalls. Oh and don’t forget to have your picture taken with “Chief”, the large shiny statue of a Clydesdale horse who will greet you when you enter Barry’s!

I give Barry’s Hallamore Clydesdale Horses FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility! I give Barry, the staff who work here, the beautiful Clydesdale Horses who live here and Belle FIVE STARS for kindness and sensitivity!