Yesterday I had no appointments so my mom, Kellie, Kevin and I traveled to the waterfront of Plymouth hoping to find some sunshine. Even though Plymouth is only 20 minutes from my home, often the weather is different on the waterfront. Once in Plymouth we found only clouds with a heavy fog. Yet we did find a great local winery called Plymouth Winery. Plymouth Winery, located in the Village Landing Marketplace in Plymouth is a fun place to visit and it is fully wheelchair friendly and accessible.

We first approached the side entry door of Plymouth Winery because this is the side that has the Plymouth Winery sign posted on the storefront. This side door is not wheelchair accessible due to a small step at the threshold. We went to the front and were delighted to find a wider entry door that was open and fully wheelchair accessible.

A brick walkway leads to this entry door; wheelchair access to inside the winery is easy for there is an accessible threshold at the entry door. Once inside we discovered this winery sells a variety of unique fruit wines that are made right on the premises. The brand name of these wines is called Plymouth Winery.

Inside is also a gift shop with many items related to wine like wine holders, napkins, corks and even aprons. I saw an apron I just loved. I tried it on and it fit perfectly! The words printed on the front are: “What part of Wineaux don’t you understand?” Since I do some cooking at home, my mom bought it for me to wear when I cook:>)

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We saw other customers tasting small samples of various fruit wines. We approached the counter and asked a very nice woman standing behind the counter if I could taste the blueberry and cranberry wine. She explained her sister, Linda Shumway owns the shop and she was just minding the shop while her sister took her rambunctious Labrador puppy for a walk.

She then told us she is from California and visiting for a few weeks. She told us Linda makes all her own wines right here in the side room. She gets the supplies from Ocean Spray so you know it is all fresh & locally grown! The Ocean Spray Headquarters is only 1/4 mile from my home. She also explained they offer free wine tasting; she then poured me a small cup of Cranberry & Blueberry wine. They were delicious!

My mom and I purchased a bottle of each; the Cranberry Wine to save for Thanksgiving dinner and the Blueberry Wine to pour over some deserts when I have friends and family for dinner. I had no problem paying for my wine for the cashier counter is of a wheelchair accessible height and reachable for me.

If you’re visiting Plymouth, I highly recommend stopping by Plymouth Winery for a bottle of their homemade fruit wine. They can also ship bottles to your home if you live in another state. The delicious sample taste of the fruit wines can help brighten up a cloudy and foggy day:>)

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I give Plymouth Winery FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. Even though the front door was open today, they would need to install an automatic entry door so customers in wheelchairs can always be able to enter the shop independently.