While visiting Salem this week, I went to Laurie Cabot’s Witch Shoppe called ’The Cat, The Crow and The Crown’ to see my friend, Laurie Cabot. I’ve been coming to visit Salem and Laurie Cabot for the past twelve years. Laurie Cabot is well known as the “Official Witch of Salem”. She is an ordained High Priestess descended from Celtic ancestry. Laurie Cabot is a good witch and she has even helped the police solve some murder mysteries. Laurie has also helped me in the past and has provided me with spiritual healing in strength and protection.

There is a brick walkway leading to the entry door of ‘The Cat, The Crow and The Crown’. The entry door is not automatic, so you may need help with opening the door. The shoppe is small and maneuvering around is tight in some areas but all areas are accessible. A nice man whose title is ‘Solitary Practitioner’ warmly greeted my friends and me. We asked if Laurie was in but he told us that Laurie was not in and explained that this is a very busy time of the year for her. He also told us that Laurie is usually in her store during the early hours of the morning.

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Laurie’s shoppe, The Cat, The Crow and The Crown is fascinating and will take your breath away right when you first walk in. You will find books, herbs, oils, candles, potions, knickknacks and so much more. I asked the nice Solitary Practitioner if he had something for protection. He gave me something called ‘Mother of Pearl’. On one part of this shell is a spiral and in the other part of the shell is colored with tones of green and brown. A part of the shell goes up in defense when the snail hides into the back of its shell. This wall becomes part of the shell and protects the snail from any intruders. He told me that he had blessed it and it would help protect me from any harm. He then gave me an oil that was blended and made by Laurie Cabot herself. The shell was a gift and I purchased the oil.

The counter where you purchase your items is at a good height for my wheelchair and the cashier was very kind. She even added a little fairy dust into my bag and told me that it would make me ‘light on my feet’. Well it didn’t work for me but it worked for my friend Ric. He got’ light on his feet’ and even jumped roped with my Indiana Jones whip right outside the shoppe on the main street.

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The Cabot Witches of Salem were featured on A&E Biography on October 30, 2008. You can check your TV guide to see if it will be on again.

I give The Cat, The Crow and The Crown FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. The shoppe could earn the Fifth Star if they install automatic doors and widen some of the aisles that are too narrow. I give Laurie Cabot Five Stars for helping me and so many others.