While shopping at Mashpee Commons, my mom, Jowanna Kevin and I stopped for lunch at Bobby Byrne’s Restaurant & Pub. We were pleased to find the restaurant is wheelchair accessible yet were very disappointed to find there is NO accessible seating in the pub/lounge.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located in the Mashpee Commons parking lot close to the entrance of Bobby Byrne’s. There are two sets of double entry doors; entering the first set of doors is easy because it is automatic with a simple push of a button; yet you will need help opening the second set of doors for it is not automatic. Once inside were warmly greeted by a hostess who kindly showed us to our table.

Bobby Byrne’s dining room has booths set along the side which are not wheelchair accessible yet there are plenty of tables that are of a good wheelchair accessible height; I had no problem fitting my chair at the table and reaching my drink and meal. Our table was located right in front of the fireplace which provided a warm and cozy atmosphere.

I was very disappointed to find the pub/lounge/bar does not have any wheelchair accessible seating. The bar is too high for me to reach and all the tables are tall bar/style tables that are too high for me to reach as well.

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The restroom is a single room that is spacious, wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant except the pipes under the accessible sink are not covered as is ADA required. The faucet, soap and hand towel dispenser are easily in my reach.

Bobby Byrne’s has a seasonal outdoor cafe that is open during the warmer weather. This outdoor seating area is fully wheelchair accessible and all the tables are of a good accessible height.

Our meals were freshly cooked and delicious and the service was fantastic.

I give Bobby Byrne’s Restaurant & Pub THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install an automatic door opener for the second set of entry doors; cover the pipe under the accessible sink in the restroom as is ADA required; lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height; place some wheelchair accessible tables in the pub/lounge/bar so a customer in a wheelchair can enjoy a drink in the pub like all their other customers!