My friends Josh, Kevin and I traveled to Chamberlain Farm in Berkley to see if their Haunted Cornfield and Hayride is wheelchair accessible. Upon arriving, a Berkley Police officer directed us to a parking lot nearby and we were surprised to see that there are no handicap parking spaces located in this parking lot.

In order to reach the entry of the Haunted Cornfield, we had to walk/wheel along a dark street for a short distance. There are no sidewalks on this street. My friends and I think this could be very dangerous for all persons traveling along this dark street and especially dangerous for the hearing and visually impaired.

We finally made it to Chamberlain Farm and as we approached the ticket booth, a nice employee who works at the Haunted Cornfield told my friends and me that she is sorry but this Haunted Cornfield is not wheelchair accessible. We were also told that Hayrides which are offered only on Sundays are not wheelchair accessible either.

The women explained to us that this cornfield couldn’t possibly become wheelchair accessible because it is a cornfield. My friends and I differ in our belief for we have been told by others that some Corn Mazes in our area are wheelchair accessible because the plows rolled down the paths to compact the ground so it would be accessible for persons in wheelchairs and parents pushing children’s strollers.

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I give Chamberlain Farm’s Haunted Cornfield and Hayride ZERO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn any Stars they would need to place some handicap parking spaces close to the building, compact the ground in the path of the Haunted Cornfield and obtain or make a ramp that would allow wheelchair access onto the Hayride, like some other farms have done for their Hayrides.