My friends, Joshua and Amanda and I traveled to Plympton to see if Sauchuk Farm’s Corn Maze is wheelchair accessible. Alas! We finally found a cornfield attraction that is wheelchair accessible.

When arriving at Sauchuk Farm’s, we were greeted by very friendly high school students who directed us where to park our van. There are no handicap parking spaces but we were directed to a parking space right up front. Cost of parking is free.

Sauchuk Farm has a very large Corn Maze and also offers Hayrides to the Pumpkin Patch and a Corn Train ride for children from September 13 until October 26 on Saturday and Sundays; 10am to 6pm. Admission tickets are for sale under the tent and the table where they sell the tickets is a perfect height for me in my wheelchair. The cost of Admission is Adults $8; Children $3 and Children under 3 are free. Hayrides are an additional $2 per person. There is no discount for disabled.

The Hayride at this farm is not wheelchair accessible and I don’t think they could safely make it accessible for it is just a flat board with no sides so it would be way too dangerous for a person in a wheelchair like me. I did find one Hayride in my area that is fully wheelchair accessible and located at Keith’s Farm.

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My friends found it very easy to wheel my wheelchair throughout this maze because the path is solid and nicely compacted. I would have had so much fun traveling this maze in my Power Chair, but it died and I am still waiting for a new Power Chair to be delivered.

This Corn Maze is a lot of fun too. It has a strategy behind it. There are two paths you can take to enter this Corn Maze. You must choose one path to enter, which are called Phases. Upon which phase you choose, each phase has five different trivia’s questions to pick from. My friends and I decided chose Phase # 1 and sports was the topic for our trivia questions. Why the trivia? The correct answers to the trivia questions is a guide (compass) to help get you through the maze without getting lost.

Each trivia question has 3 to 4 possible answers which are labeled from (a) to (d). You must choose the answer to each question to know which marked path to follow. BEWARE, wrong answers will lead you down the wrong path and you will find yourself totally lost which, we did a few times. The questions are really tough but friendly staff are always around to help guide you back on track. A few of the questions I answered correctly are: (1) How old was Tiger Woods when he played in his first Golf Tournament? The answer is 4 years old. Another question I answered correctly was (2) What school has the most Heisman Trophy winners? The answer is Notre Dame.

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Staff are located throughout the Corn Maze with a map to help you find your way to the right path in the maze. My friends and I noticed later after we got back home that the answers to the questions are listed on the back of the map in very small print that is upside down. If we knew while we were traveling in this maze then getting out of this maze would have been very easy, but not as much fun!

There is only one small area of the Corn Maze that is not wheelchair accessible but it is very easy to wheel around it. It is a bridge which has many stairs one can walk up to view the whole Corn Maze from above. Amanda, my friend climbed up to the top to take a great picture of the entire Corn Maze which I enjoyed seeing. She also took a picture of Josh and I traveling in through this maze.

My friends and I finally made it out of the Corn Maze! I would recommend this Corn Maze to all who enjoy adventure, fun and trivia! The season is almost over so anyone interested in going should mark your 2009 calendar.

I give Sauchuk Farm’s FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. I didn’t take away a Star for the Hayride not being accessible because even with a ramp to access the Hayride, it would not be safe for wheelers because it is just a flat board and there is no side protection to ensure that wheelchair stays on.

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