While shopping at Mansfield Crossing, Ric, Jowanna and I stopped at Cosi for lunch. We’ve never eaten at a Cosi restaurant before and were delighted to find it very wheelchair friendly and accessible.

Cosi is part of a chain of family style restaurants that make most of their menu items fresh from scratch right on the premises. They also offer delicious lower-calorie and lower-fat versions of many items on their menu. Cosi is similar to Panera Bread, yet it more wheelchair accessible because the counter where you pick-up your food at all Panera Bread restaurants are way too high.

There are handicapped parking spaces located right up front next to the sloped access of the sidewalk which leads to the front entry door. The entry door is not automatic yet is plenty wide enough for my chair and easy to enter when the door is held open for me.

Once inside we approached up the cashier and ordering counter and ordered our food. The counter is of a good wheelchair accessible height and I was able to order and pay for my meal independently.

Once we all placed our order we were handed a number by the cashier to place at our table. When the food is ready it is brought right to your table by a waiter or waitress. Before sitting at our table, we picked up our drinks and I had no problem accessing the soda fountain.

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Our table was of a perfect wheelchair accessible height. I also noticed they have some taller bar style tables and some booths which are not accessible yet it is not a problem for there are plenty of tables which are of a good accessible height.

Our food was delivered in a short time by a very kind and friendly waitress and it was delicious! I ordered a healthy salad and it was fresh and tasty!

The rest rooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The sink is of a good height and I could easily reach the faucet, soap dispenser and hand towels.

I give Cosi of Mansfield FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the FIFTH STAR they would need to instill automatic entry doors so a person in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently.