I went to Dunkin Donuts in South Yarmouth for a cup of coffee. Dunkin Donuts is a very wheelchair accessible restaurant. The handicapped parking is very close to the entrance. This Dunkin Donuts have automatic doors, so it is very easy for someone in a wheelchair to enter on their own. The doors slide open as soon as you get close. There is no ramp, but it’s not necessary because the entrance is ground level. There are two automatic doors and they are plenty wide enough for a wheelchair.

The lighting is very good for the visually impaired. The tables and counters are at the perfect height for someone in a wheelchair. There is plenty of room to fit a wheelchair under the tables. There is also plenty of room in Dunkin Donunts for someone in a wheelchair to move about without any trouble.

As far as the restrooms, the door is plenty wide enough for a wheelchair to enter without any problems. Once inside the restroom there is plenty of room for a wheelchair to move about. There are the ADA required safety grab bars near the toilet. The height of the sink and toilet are of a good height for a wheelchair and the piping under the accessible sink has the required ADA protective covering.

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The service is very good: the employees are all very friendly and nice. The staff spoke to me directly and sometimes addresses me by my name.

I give this Dunkin Donuts FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In my opinion there is nothing more they could do to make it any more suitable for the handicapped. I love going here. It is very comfortable and spacious and I don’t feel like I am always in everyone else’s way because there is plenty of room for my wheelchair and everyone else.