This Sunday morning, my Aunt Nancy, Tony, Kate and I headed to Westport to find a wheelchair accessible fishing pier. We usually fish at Long Pond in Lakeville or Onset Town Pier and even tried fishing at Slater Memorial Park in Pawtucket, RI but haven’t had much luck catching any fish so we wanted to try our luck somewhere else.

To our delight, we discovered Lee’s Wharf at Historic Village of Westport Point and were pleased it is very wheelchair accessible. Sorry to report we still didn’t catch any fish:<(

The Harbor Master told us that public street parking is available by the Lee’s Wharf sign. There is not designated handicap parking. Do not park on the pier for it makes it harder for boats that are trying to launch. The pier is totally safe for wheelers because it has a high lip around the edge so there’s no chance of a “Man Overboard” like me.

We unpacked our fishing gear and poles, using Mackerel as bait for salt water fishing. It wasn’t the best scenery ever but we took our chances. I cast out the line; felt a tug; waited for a really good tug; and then pulled the line. Being so excited that I had caught a fish. I said to Tony “look- look, oh yes, yes; I caught a fish”! We both looked; Oh no, it was just the bait.

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We forgot to bring our cutting gear; the mackerel are large and should be cut down in size; we resorted to a plastic knife; and if that didn’t work I’m sure that the men using the crane next to us wouldn’t mind helping us out with their gear.

We were so relaxed and everything was calm and quiet that we began to get silly. I even found Tony lurking in a lobster trap. LOL!

I give Lee’s Wharf at Westport Point FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. It’s a great place for all to fish. I truly hope you all have better luck catching those big fish in the sea than we.