Scampo, an Italian restaurant located inside The Liberty Hotel, which was once home of the Charles Street Jail. After touring The Liberty Hotel in Boston, my mom, Vickie, Ric, Kate and I went to Scampo to grab a bite to eat. We decided not to have lunch here because it is not as wheelchair accessible as is Clink.

The Charles Street entrance is located next to the entrance of The Liberty Hotel. This entrance is not wheelchair accessible for there are a few steps:<( Another entrance, located on the street level of The Liberty Hotel is not wheelchair accessible either for there are also a few steps:<) Neither entrance has an automatic door.

The only way a person in a wheelchair can access Scampo is by taking The Liberty Hotel elevator, from the street level because there is a side door in the elevator that will allow you access to Scampo.

Once off the elevator, my friends and I saw the few steps leading to the outdoor entrance and the few steps leading to the hotel entrance. Wow, this place is only 2 years old! We don’t understand why the designer didn’t build a sloped walkway here instead of the few steps; there appears to be plenty of room and it would have fit in nicely with the décor, if they placed some steel bars on the sides of a sloped walkway.

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A very courteous and friendly hostess greeted us and offered to find us a table. As soon as we enter Scampo, we saw a bar and tall bar-style tables in the lounge. Neither is wheelchair accessible for they are too high. I was in my Permobil C350 Power Chair which would be able to access the bar and tables but only because my seat can elevate. Most wheelers would have no access in this lounge. In the rear is a dining room with another bar; all the tables here are wheelchair accessible; the bar is not accessible for it is too high.

Outdoor seating is available and all the tables here are wheelchair accessible.

There are no restrooms inside Scampo. Restrooms located on the street level of the hotel are available to use; yet access from a wheelchair is not that easy for you have to get back on the elevator to get to the street level to access the restrooms. I needed to use the restroom, so my mom, Vickie, Ric, Kate and I decided to leave and dine at Clink.

I give Scampo in Boston TWO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Three Stars, they would need to install automatic entry doors at both entrances; provide direct wheelchair access at both entrances by replacing the few steps with a sloped walkway; place some wheelchair accessible tables in the lounge; and lower a small section of both bars to a wheelchair accessible height.

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