After seeing my friend Tony’s new home, my mom took Jowanna, Tony and I to lunch at The BaHa Brothers Sandbar Grill in Taunton. Sandbar Grill is a very wheelchair friendly and accessible restaurant/bar which you might not know is here in Taunton because it’s kind of hidden behind other buildings. While eating here I felt like I was in a bar on Key West because of the beach & island décor.

Located on the side is one handicap parking space which is conveniently close to the front entrance. While wheeling to the front entrance, we stopped to take a photo of us in front of a tropical setting of pine trees and sandy soil like you see in the tropics.

The front entrance has two separate entry doors that you will need help with opening for neither door is automatic; Jowanna held the door open while I drove my Permobil C350 Power Chair inside.

Once inside, I was really impressed with the beach scene and tropical decor. Upon entering we first saw the tropical bar which looks like a Tiki bar/sun hut with tiki wood and straw hanging above.

We all laughed when we saw a Skelton sitting on lifeguard chair with a huge bottle of Bacardi. The poor old guy probably drank himself to death! The bar is a little high for a manual wheelchair yet I was in my Permobil C350 Power Chair and could fit comfortably because my seat elevates.

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We decided to have lunch at an accessible table in the dining area behind the bar; this spacious dining area has a few tall bar/style tables yet plenty of tables that are of a perfect wheelchair accessible height. There is plenty of space to wheel your chair between all the tables.

Donna, our waitress was very friendly, kind and attentive. We all ordered specialty burgers which were delicious. The menu offers a variety of specialty burgers, sandwiches, steaks and seafood dishes and all the food is very good and freshly cooked. Donna told us the adjoining Tiki Room is available for special events. This room is spacious and fully wheelchair accessible.

The old fashion Jute box is really cool; keno and large flat screen TVs are easy to view from all tables. A stage for live entertainment is easy to view as well.

The BaHa Brothers band plays here when they’re not in Key West. Other local bands play here too. We heard that Ayla Brown, daughter of US Senator Scott Brown sang here recently with a band. I’ve heard Ayla sing on American Idol and TV and think she has a fantastic voice.

The restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The hand faucet, soap and towel dispenser are easily within my reach.

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The BaHa Brothers Sandbar Grill earns FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install automatic entry doors so a customer in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently; and lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height so a customer in a wheelchair can sit at the bar to enjoy a meal or drink. Donna and the employees we met deserve FIVE STARS for their kind hospitality!