Exercise is essential to our good health and well being! I found getting the daily exercise I need was difficult UNTIL I got my new Theracycle 100 Leg Exerciser Fitness Bike. Theracycle is a unique and affordable motor driven exercise bike that helps me get exercise sitting in my wheelchair right in my own home.

I used to love riding my Mongoose BMX and never thought I’d ever peddle a bike again. Then last week my good friend Jamie of Jamie & Crew let me try his Theracycle 100 Fitness Bike. The best part is I could ride it while I stayed in my chair. My parents bought a Theracylce for me to use at home because they know how important exercise is for me.

Rich Blumenthal, Vice President, Business Development and Heather Mirisola, Business Development of Theracycle kindly delivered it to my home Friday. Rich and Heather were WONDEFUL and the bike is AMAZING!

Theracycle has a whisper-quiet motor that moves the peddles with you, helping to get the gentle exercise you need. The user friendly computerized control panel has alternate speed settings up to 15mph. You can also choose how much to allow the motor to assist you. Rich and Heather recommend I begin using the bike at a lower speed and increase it gradually as I get used to it.

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Theracycle has available two different bikes designed especially for people with physical disabilities: Theracycle 100, a bike you can exercise right in your chair and Theracycle 200, a stationary exercise bike that provides a full body workout.

  • Theracycle 100 provides the benefits of a lower body workout for people who have difficulty getting the exercise they need. Even for people with limited or no movement ability, the Theracycle’s motor-assisted motion provides muscle toning that can improve circulation, flexibility, and general well-being.
  • Theracycle 200 is a motorized exercise bike made for persons with physically disabilities who are able to get on the bike and maintain their balance. The Theracyle 200 will help fight fatique, improve your circulation, flexibility, endurance and overall well being. With the Theracyle 200, you have the power to exercise your entire body and lead a healthier life, even if you are physically challenged.

If you have physical limitations and want to maintain your good health with exercise I highly recommend a Theracycle.

I give the Theracycle 100 Leg Exerciser Fitness Bike FIVE STARS for wheelchair access to exercise and physical well being! Rich and Heather deserve FIVE STARS for their kindness, sensitivity and caring about the physical well being of others. Thank You Rich and Heather!

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