While volunteering to collect nomination signatures for Congressman Barney Frank, who I believe is the BEST U.S. Congressman a constituent could have representing them, I came upon The Electric Beach and was pleased to find it is a very wheelchair friendly and accessible place to catch some sunshine!

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces in the plaza parking lot conveniently close to the entrance of The Electric Beach. As soon as I approached the entry door, Lois, the owner kindly opened the door so Josh could push my manual chair inside. Once inside Lois warmly greeted me. After seeing all the beautiful pictures of sunny beach scenes and smelling the tropical aromas of the islands I decided to take a short break to get a little sunshine.

Lois and the staff are very kind, friendly and helpful. Lois showed me to a tanning room with plenty of room for my wheelchair. The tanning bed is of a good wheelchair accessible height for transferring from your wheelchair. Josh and Ric had no problem helping me transfer from my chair into the tanning bed. I found it very easy to get comfortable in this tanning bed and really enjoyed the music, warmth and breeze from the automatic fan while I tanned. While tanning I dreamt that I was reclining in my Beach Wheelchair on a Caribbean beach with the smell of coconut!

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The tanning beds and towels are very clean and sanitary. It is very important to protect your eyes when you tan indoors. Lois kindly let me borrow a pair of sanitized protective eye goggles while I tanned which I prefer more than the disposable Wink-Ease eye protectors. Hydration for your skin is also very important to use before and after tanning. I used a small packet of coconut scented hydrating body cream.

The Electric Beach sells outdoor and indoor tanning products. I love the California Tan products they sell for outdoor tanning. I use California Tan lotions when I sun at the beach because they protect and keep my skin moisturized.

If you’re tired of dreary, rainy and cold winter weather and need a little sunshine to brighten the day I highly recommend a visit to The Electric Beach.

I give The Electric Beach FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. Lois and all the staff deserve FIVE STARS too for their kindness, sensitivity and helpfulness!