Last week I had a morning and an afternoon appointment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Between appointments my mom, Ric, Amanda and I ventured out to Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria to have lunch for it is a short stroll from BIDMC. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch at this wheelchair accessible restaurant.

The main entry doors are not automatic so Amanda held the door open while Ric pushed my manual chair inside. Once inside these doors you will find yourself in a small foyer with a door on the left which leads to the restaurant and a door on the right which leads to the bar/lounge. You can also access the bar/lounge from inside the restaurant as well.

A hostess kindly opened the restaurant door for us as soon she saw us enter the foyer. She warmly greeted us and then showed us to a table that was of a perfect wheelchair accessible height. This restaurant has some inaccessible booths yet plenty of wheelchair accessible tables.

We ordered a luncheon special and all enjoyed our delicious meals plus the complimentary fresh tossed salad and fresh baked bread they serve all customers before the meal. Our waitress was very kind, warm and friendly.

Before leaving, we checked out the wheelchair accessibility of the bar/lounge area. It has 2 large flat screen TVs hanging above the bar. The bar is NOT wheelchair accessible for it is too tall for my manual chair. There are booths set along the side wall of the bar/lounge area that are not accessible. There is only one corner table in the lounge that is wheelchair accessible yet it is difficult to view the flat screen TVs from this table.

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The restroom is spacious and wheelchair accessible. The handicap stall is large with the safety grab bars at a good height; the accessible sink is of a good height as is the hand drier. The main problem is a trash can stored under the accessible sink blocks wheelchair access to the sink; and the pipes under the accessible sink are not covered as is now ADA required.

A Take Out area is located in the front of the restaurant where customers can order and pick up their takeout orders. The counter here is of a good accessible height of approximately 36”.

I give this Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install an automatic entry door so a customer in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently; lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height so a customer in a wheelchair can enjoy a drink or food at the bar; remove the trash can from underneath the accessible sink in the restroom; and cover the pipes under the restroom accessible sink which is ADA required.