The Tweeter Center has been one of my favorite places to go and see concerts especially during the summer months. Kiss 108 and The Ozzfest are the usual events that I faithfully attend every year. My dad takes me to Kiss 108 and my friends take me to the Ozzfest for that concert is too loud for my dad. I love the Tweeter Center because it is all outdoors and wheelchair seating is great and I get autographs from my favorite celebrities. I got an autograph from Natalie on my last kiss 108 concert and it was a thrill to get to meet her. See the pictures below of me getting the autograph and meeting Natalie.

Oh, and lets not forget the great Music!

As far as accessibility, make sure when you buy tickets you make it a point that you need handicap seating and arrange any additional seating for anyone in your party. They will accommodate you to have them sit with you as long as there is availability, so plan ahead of time. When you go in through the gates you will see a line specifically with the handicap symbol. This line will get you in quicker especially if there’s a crowd. Be prepared to unload your back pack for security reasons. The main pavilion is where you will normally find your seat just about one section away from the stage. I never complained cause to me these were the best seats in the house and just above the VIP seats. No need to run from the rain or escape the hot sun, this pavilion will protect you and at the same time allow a cross wind to cool you down. Don’t forget your cameras and drink lots of water. There are huge screens on either side of the stage that will help visualize the performance up close.

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Everywhere you go here is very spacious with approximately 95% of the place having a paved asphalt terrane. There is a section in the upper back part of the center that have stair which I was not able to get to where people lay out on the grass and watch the concert from a far exposed to the open weather. Man these people seem they were having a wild time. Another area had a somewhat woodchip terrane, which was an off to the side stage area where usually preconcerts take place before the actual concert in the main pavilion. In addition, this is the usual area for the signing of autographs. Private handicap restrooms were availible allowing a spacious stall for maneuverability, high enough sinks and safety bars.

Here at these concerts I have so much fun where I would mingle with all different kinds of cool people. One year, I even met Storm Trooper! We enjoy foods from a simple hot dog to a make it yourself burrito and I always get myself a henna tattoo. I even have made friends that meet up with me every year who work at the Tweeter Center. If you like music, food and crowds this is a place to entertain yourself for the day.