The old Lakeville Library, which is now ‘Somethin’s Brewin Book and Café’ (see that review) was not all accessible so I decided to visit the new Lakeville Library which opened in 2005. The new Library is a beautiful one story building with very nice landscaping all around it. There are two convenient handicap parking spaces right up front and a nice sidewalk which leads to the main entry doors.

When I entered the building they had two entry doors and both are fully automatic and I didn’t even need to push a button. For those who’ve checked out my site already know, I love automatic doors! There is also a nice sitting area with a bench right outside the main entrance.

When I first entered, I needed to use the restroom which is right off the main lobby. It was very wheelchair accessible with a very large handicap stall and accessible sinks with the required ADA covering around the pipes.

The aisles are nice and wide and the ends have plenty of space to turn my chair around and go down all the aisles. There are nice sitting areas where one can relax in comfort while reading a book. There are also some private rooms if one requires complete quiet while reading or researching a project.

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There is a great children’s wing which is bright, colorful and cheerful. They have tons of activities for children at this library with some private classrooms off to the rear. There are also many tables with small chairs where children can read or do their work.

I enjoyed the Indian artifacts in the hall going into the children’s wing. There is also a hall for big events at this library. I love the new building and the place is wide and spacious and great for everyone who visits.

There were computers at this library so I was hoping that some were for disabled. No Library technician ever approached us to ask if we needed any help, so my Mom asked the Library technician at the main desk if they had any services for the disabled and was told, no they didn’t but the Library technician did say she wished they did.

The Plymouth library (see my review) has some really great services for the disabled and a fantastic computer with the Kursweil program on it. The Kursweil program is the one I use at the Plymouth library and it helps anyone one who’s disabled and/or has visions problems as I do. I hope that in the future the Lakeville Library will see how important a program like this is and offer it at this new library.

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I’m really surprised that this beautiful new library has no services for the disabled. The beautiful new building, the landscaping and the back gardens are all very nice and I’m sure expensive too. I would have thought they could have afforded to get a program like the Kurweil program or one similar for the disabled.

I give the Lakeville Library FOUR STARS. They can earn the Fifth Star if they added some type of programs for the disabled there.