World War 11 Memorial is across from the Washington Monument and approximately a ten minute wheel. You can see the Washington Monument to the east and the Lincoln Memorial to the west.

It is a National Park and is open 24 hours, seven days a week. The World War II Memorial is fully wheelchair accessibility as are all National Parks.

Once arriving, I was fascinated too see on how many columns there are; every column represents one of our fifty states. There are access ramps that lead down to the center of it; where usually they would have a fountain with running waters.

I was on a hunt looking for the columns of my state of Massachusetts; the state of Rhode Island where my Aunt Nancy and grandma live; and the state of Illinois where my father was born. Sorry mom, I forgot to look for the State of Texas where you were born 😉

I was able to get to see all of the columns with no difficulty. All the people I met there were so very nice and kind. We met people from all over the country; exchanging cameras to take photos of one another. I felt a bond between all of us for we are all Americans, just from different states of the U.S. It is a place where people gather to unite.

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The Reflection Pool is also part of this memorial having one to two paved walkways on both ends of the pool. There were Port-A-Potties along the walkway around the Reflection Pool; temporarily located here due to a concert that had taken place on the previous day. I saw a Port-A-Potty that was totally wheelchair accessible which was very helpful.

I give the World War II Memorial FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility.