Our van key got stuck in the key hole and broke so my friends taped it together for a temporary fix and then we traveled to Central Doge for a new key. We were pleased to see that Central Dodge is wheelchair accessible and only found a few problems. Tony drove our van to the front entry of the service station which was very neat for as soon as we got close to the garage door and beeped our horn, the door opened for us. We then drove in and got out where I found myself in front of the customer service desk which was too high for me. The customer service representative was very nice and assured me that it would not take that long for them to make a new key. He kindly told me that I would be very comfortable in the waiting area.

My friends and I decided to stroll around and take a look at all the new cars. It was fun pretending that we were looking for a new van and a sales representative came up to my friends and I trying to sell us a new van! We spent some time talking with this very nice sales representative. After we went to see how accessible the main entrance is and found that it is accessible but you will need help with opening the doors for they are not automatic.

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Once inside, I had no problem maneuvering around for it is very spacious inside. There are two waiting areas. One waiting area is in the show room which is small but still roomy enough for my wheelchair and the other area is in an enclosed room that is also spacious. I especially liked this waiting area for it has a large flat screen television mounted on the wall that is easy for me to view.

While waiting we bought a snack and a cup of coffee at a counter that is a too high for me to reach so my friends got my cup of coffee for me. We also checked out the restrooms and found that they are very wheelchair accessible. The safety grab bars, accessible sink, soap and towel dispenser are all at a perfect wheelchair accessible height and the pipes under the accessible sink are covered which is now ADA required. After the new key was ready, we headed to the cashier counter which I found too high for me to reach. During our wait I must say that all the employees were very courteous, helpful and kind.

I give Central Dodge FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star, they would need to install automatic entry doors and lower a section of the service, cashier and coffee counter to a wheelchair accessible height.

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