I went to Scargo Café for dinner with my friend Michelle, and her sister-in-law to rate their wheelchair accessibility. The restaurant is very well set up for handicapped people. There are two things that I found wrong with it. One is that when you go into the restaurant there are no automatic doors. And the other problem is that when you go into the restrom there is no protective covering on the pipes under the accessible sink.

The handicapped parking is very close to the door going inside the restaurant and the ramps are a good level for my wheelchair. There are double doors going into the restaurant so I had plenty of room to fit my wheelchair through. If I were alone, I wouldn’t be able to do it all by myself because someone would have to hold the doors open for me and make sure that my wheelchair didn’t hit anything on the way in.

When I checked out the restroom everything was fine in there except that there is no covering on the pipes under the sink. The door going into the bathroom is wide enough for my wheelchair to fit through. They also had a handicapped stall that is big enough for me in my wheelchair and the grab bars are at a reachable height. The sink is accessible and low enough for my wheelchair to fit under for me to wash my hands.

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The tables are of a perfect for a person in a wheelchair because they can slide right under and be at eye level with companions. It is very roomy and I had no trouble turning around if I needed to. The lighting is very dark but it gave it a nice romantic feeling so if you are a visually impaired person it would be better if you went during the day or asked to sit in a well lit spot.

There is a lounge/bar area and the bar and bar tables are too high for a person in a wheelchair.The employees were very friendly with me. They called me by name and they were joking around with me. I used to be a hostess at this restaurant and I used to be at the host stand and see people as they walked in. I would say “someone will be with you in a moment” If you go onto their website, I believe you will see a picture of me. My mother used to manage the restaurant and before it was a restaurant it used to be a house.

I give the Scargo Café THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They can earn the other Two Stars by installing automatic doors; place protective covering around the pipes under the accessible sink; lower a section of the bar in the lounge that is of an accessible height. The food is very pricey but also very good.

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