Before leaving Mashpee Commons my mom treated my friends and me to lunch at Trevi Cafe & Wine Bar. I was pleased to find the dining room is fully wheelchair accessible yet disappointed to find there is NO wheelchair accessible seating in the bar/lounge.

Entering is easy for the outdoor covered patio area has an entrance which is wide open. As soon as we entered a kind hostess warmly greeted us and asked if we would like to be seated in the outdoor covered patio area or inside; we chose to be seated at a table inside this restaurant/bar. The entry doors leading inside were also kept wide open.

Inside Trevi Cafe & Wine Bar is small yet an outdoor covered patio area expands the dining area during the spring, summer and fall months because it is enclosed in a tent like structure and outdoor heat lamps offer a warm environment. All the tables in this area are of a perfect wheelchair accessible height.

As soon as you enter you’ll experience a warm Mediterranean-style atmosphere. Located to the left is a small dining room in which all the tables are of a good wheelchair accessible height. Once we were seated our waitress came to our table to take our drink and food order; she was very friendly, kind and hospitable. We all ordered a delicious chicken Panini which was freshly cooked.

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Located to the right is a bar/lounge that has NO wheelchair accessible seating because the bar is too high for me to reach and the tables in the lounge are all tall bar/style tables that are too high to reach as well. A large flat screen TV is only viewable from the bar/lounge. It’s not a place a guy in a wheelchair can stop by to watch a sports game and have a drink while their wife or girlfriend is shopping:-(

The restroom located at the end of a rear narrow hall is a single room that is spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant; except the pipes under the accessible sink are not covered which is ADA required. The only problem I faced is accessing this room because items were stored in the hallway leading to it. Once Ric moved the items I had no problem accessing this restroom

Trevi Cafe & Wine Bar‘s service, food and atmosphere deserve FIVE STARS for the service is excellent; the food is delicious and freshly cooked; and the atmosphere is warm and cozy.

I give Trevi Cafe & Wine Bar THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need clear the path to restroom; cover the pipes under accessible sink; lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height; and place some wheelchair accessible tables in lounge so a customer in a wheelchair can enjoy a drink at the bar or in the lounge like all their other customers can do.

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