sign on Rte 6After fishing at Onset Town Pier, my mom, Amanda, Justin and I headed to Penner’s Seaside Trolley in Buzzards Bay for lunch. Amanda lives in the area and told us the food is fabulous and it is a wheelchair accessible place to have a lunch outdoors on this warm summer-like day in late September.

rear of trolleysPenner’s used to be an actual restaurant but it burned down back in 2006. The new Penner’s Seaside Trolley is actually two mobile trolley cars parked next to each other on a cement pad. Located in the newly paved parking lot are two wheelchair accessible parking spaces. Penner’s Seaside Trolley serves a variety of food items and all the seafood is freshly caught. Ice cream is sold here as well.

trolley to place your orderOne trolley has a service counter where you place and pay for your food order. The counter is a little high to reach but the woman had no problem hearing me place my order. She asked if we were eating here or getting take out. We told her we were planning on eating here and she kindly told us she would bring our food to our table. The other trolley is used to cook the food.

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accessible picnic tablesAll the tables are located outdoors behind the trolley are picnic tables which are all wheelchair accessible and of a good height; my chair comfortably fit at the end of the table and I could easily reach items set on the table. From this area, we enjoyed the clear view of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy wind turbine, the boats at the marina at Taylor Point, and the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge.

The kind and friendly woman brought our lunch order to our table. It was great to get such good service with a smile! The food was delicious and the portions huge.

wheelchair accessible restroomLocated in the side of the parking lot is a new building with Penny’s restrooms. The restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The pipes underneath the accessible sink are covered and I could easily reach the soap and hand towel dispenser.

If you’re traveling to Cape Cod, I highly recommend Penner’s Seaside Trolley in Buzzards Bay for lunch. The outdoor atmosphere is charming and the view is enjoyable.

I give Penner’s Seaside Trolley in Buzzards Bay FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to lower the customer service window to a wheelchair accessible height.

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