My friends and I went to Healthy Grill for a healthy lunch after my workout at Healthtrax Fitness Center. I found that it is partially wheelchair accessible with some modifications needed.

Handicap parking is located on the street and close to the wheelchair access of the sidewalk. The entry door is not automatic so you will need help with opening the door. As soon as I entered I saw there is a sitting area with couches that look really nice but it was kind of tight for me to wheel my chair around the couches into the restaurant.

The lounge in Healthy Grille only has high bar tables and a bar that is not of wheelchair accessible height.

The hostess showed my friends and me to our table in the dining area; I found getting to the table was difficult; I came across a section where another table was blocking access and in the way of my path. It was embarrassing since there were people sitting there and we had to ask them to move. They were very polite and understanding. The tables in the dining area are all of a good wheelchair accessible height. Our waitress was very nice and the service and food was great.

The restrooms are very spacious with a large handicap stall; there is a glass shelf in the corner of the handicap stall that would make it difficult for me to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet for it is in a place where my friends need to stand in order to help me transfer; the accessible sink is of a good height and has the pipes underneath covered as is now ADA required and the soap and towel dispenser are within my reach.

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I give Healthy Grille Restaurant and Lounge TWO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Three Stars they would need: install automatic entry door; rearrange the couches in the sitting area as to not block wheelchair access; place some wheelchair accessible tables in the lounge; lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height; move the table that blocks wheelchair access in the dining room and remove the glass shelf in the handicap stall.