Yesterday, Tony, Ric and I traveled to Middleborough Town Hall. I received my Annual Census form from the Middleborough Town Clerk and wanted to personally deliver it plus I wanted to see how wheelchair accessible my home town offices are. We were pleased to find that the Middleborough Town Hall is fully wheelchair accessible. We also discovered at the Town Clerk Office is located in a different building which is a short distance from the Town Hall.

Since we were here at Middleborough Town Hall, we decided to take a look around to see if we saw any GHOSTS. Middleborough Town Hall is HAUNTED! For many years, I’ve heard that Middleborough Town Hall is haunted and people have heard footsteps late at night and ghosts speaking from the Grand Hall on the second floor. Ric was especially excited about looking for some ghosts:>)

In 2008, two separate Paranormal Groups; Paranormal Investigators of New England and The Enfield Paranormal Society of Enfield, Connecticut both investigated the building, using photographic, thermal and audio equipment and both claim they have found evidence that ghosts do in fact reside in the Middleborough Town Hall. Many local newspapers have reported the story.

I find this all intriguing. I do believe in ghosts – good ghosts. In 2004, my friends, Ric, Tony, Nickie and I visited NYC and stayed at New York Marriott Marquis Times Square ; we were told by an employee that ghost sightings had been reported by some guests. When we returned home and had our pictures developed, we saw an Orb in a photograph on my face which you can see in this photo of Nickie and me. Orbs are believed to be a sign that a ghost is present!

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Now for Wheelchair Accessibility! Middleborough Town Hall is a beautiful historical building which was built in 1873. There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located in the parking lot. On the side of the building there is a wheelchair accessible ramp that will lead you to the entrance door. The entry door is not automatic so you will need someone to help you open it.

Ric, Tony and I entered the office of the Town Manager and asked if they could direct me to the office of the Town Clerk. This is when we discovered that the Town Clerk is located in a different building. We then asked the very nice town employee about the GHOSTS that have been reported in many articles and newspapers. She said that she hasn’t seen the ghosts but did know that there were many spotted in the Auditorium.

So, off we headed to the Auditorium to see if we could spot any ghosts. In order to get to the Auditorium, I had to take an elevator to an upper level; it had a sign posted on it: “NO FREIGHT – HANDICAPPED USE ONLY”.

The elevator is very narrow; Ric, Tony and me in my wheelchair barely fit, but we managed to all squeeze inside; it was not a freight elevator because it moved like a regular elevator.

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Once we entered the Auditorium, I was overcome by its beauty and its spaciousness. There is a Grand Piano and a Stage. I was amazed and very impressed when I saw an automatic lift for persons in wheelchairs to be able to access the Stage! This Auditorium is used for weddings, school concerts and plays.

We waited a bit to see if we could see or sense a ghost or spirit in our presence. We felt no vibes or sensed anything. Ric went up to the balcony above to see if he could spot any ghosts but he saw no signs of any spirits. Yet it was daytime and the ghost sightings mostly occur at night.

I give the Town Hall of Middleborough FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star, they would simply need to install an automatic entry door like the Methuen City Hall has done.

I’m sure if any of the ghosts are disabled, they would also appreciate an automatic entry door so the Town Hall can provide independent access to all ghosts, spirits and humans.