Yesterday, my friends and I traveled to the Middleborough Town Clerk Office. I received my Annual Census form from the Middleborough Town Clerk and wanted to personally deliver it and to see how wheelchair accessible the office is. I was pleased to see that the Town Clerk Office is partially wheelchair accessible but does need to make some modifications so it is fully wheelchair accessible.

The Middleborough Town Clerk Office is not located in the Middleborough Town Hall but it is very close by. It is located in Savings Bank Building on Centre Street in the same building as Eastern Bank.

Handicap parking is located on Center Street close to the Savings Bank Building entry door. You first enter Savings Bank Building entry door and will see the Middleboro Town Offices entry door directly in front of you. The entry door is not automatic so my friends held it open for me. The Town Clerk Office is located on the first floor level. There is an elevator that will take you to other Town Offices located on the second floor.

We approached the Town Clerk’s Customer Service Counter which I found is too high for me in my wheelchair to reach. A very nice town employee reached far over while I handed her my annual census form.

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The restroom is fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

I give Middleborough Town Clerk Office THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars, they would need to install an automatic entry door and make a section of the Customer Service Counter of a wheelchair accessible height.