Dave’s Diner is a real cool place to go for breakfast, diner or lunch. It was built in Florida in 1997 and was moved to Middleboro and opened in January of 1998. There is plenty of handicap parking right out front and a great cement ramp which gets you to front door. There are two different entry doors to open so you will need help for they are not automatic. There is a counter with stools, booths and tables. The aisle is kind of tight but manageable to get your wheelchair down.

We recommend that you sit to the left of the entry door in back where there is more open space and a nice table and two booths which are wheelchair accessible. This is also right by the restrooms which are spacious and have a handicap stall. The sink is also accessible and has the ADA required covering on the pipes. The only problem I found in the restroom is that the soap dispenser on the wall next to the sink is too high for me to reach.

The decor is very colorful and I liked the atmosphere. It was of the 50′s era ..which of course I never experienced because I was not living in the 50′s. The food is great and the servers are very courteous and attentive. I recommend you see this cool diner.

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We give Dave’s Diner FOUR STARS. They could earn the other star if they placed the soap dispenser in the rest room lower on the wall and installed automatic door openers.