Tufts Dental is known in the health service field to accommodate the disabled with a design that keeps in mind accessibility. I posted this review so that people can understand how important accessibility is and how perfect example of its true meaning lies here at Tufts. The main entry door to their office doesn’t have an automatic door and is somewhat narrow but once inside, the doors and halls are wide to pass with no difficulty.

With lighting and ex-ray machines set on a tracking system, wide doorways to each exam room to there dental chairs, Tufts equipment is state of the art and perfectly engineered. Another really good thing that I notice that Tufts does as part of there training is that students from the Tufts Dental University in Boston come and do hands on. This is great to know that this training exists which enables a sort of sensitivity to the patient.

Here at this Tufts Dental facility I have the pleasure of knowing Daryn, my dentist and Barbara, a dental assistant which I have known for many years now. They all make me feel comfortable and accommodate me in every way. During our visits we share personal stories and even throw in a couple of laughs. Every time I go to an appointment I can always be reassured that I am in good hands. Thanks for all that you do.

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Tufts Dental gets FOUR STARS for accessibility and FIVE STARS for totally understanding the needs of the disabled and for being so kind and sensitive. They could earn the Fifth Star for accessibility if they widened the main entry door and made it an automatic door.